Building Links With a Staff Xmas Present

There has been much said about building links this year and we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick and simple technique to help your search engine optimisation process and give your staff a Xmas present. You are a great boss after all!


Simply ask all your staff who has a blog and ask your staff if they would consider placing a footer link in their blog that is keyword rich to your site. In return every year you will pay for the hosting fees for their blog on their own domain, if they are not hosting on their own domain name offer to pay for the domain name registration as well. This could make a great little Xmas present to your staff every year, but it is best get them something else as well!


You should make it perfectly clear that the ownership of the blog is 100% theirs regardless of the hosting or domain name fees you will pay. Offer to sign a contract stating that you (your business) are not entitled to ownership of the blog or part there of regardless of the fees that are being paid. This may help them be comfortable with the idea.

One Step Further

After you have set up an army of bloggers within your business offer to allocate a set amount of time each week for them to blog during work hours. See some of the possible benefits below of implementing this.


You will be cool boss because:

you give your staff time to blog during work, saves them time after work as well.
gives them a break from their everyday task
re stimulates the minds of your employees and generates creativity
employees are happier creating a happier working environment
creativity in employees flows over into the work place increasing productivity and enthusiasm for their job and work place
Customers have a better experience with your employees because they are happier
YOU BUILD KEYWORD RICH LINKS that help your online marketing campaigns.
Advanced Option
If your staff are willing to do this it would be very beneficial to your search rankings.

When adding the keyword links to your employees blogs, change the location of the H1 HTML tags on the blog template and the individual page template to be surrounding the keyword link to the business site in the footer. You will need to change the CSS for the H1 tag so the links blends in and is not RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!


If you end up with a few bloggers for your cause, it would be a good idea to allocate pages for certain employees to link to.

For example, Blogger Employee 1 links to home page, Blogger Employee 2 links to sub page 1, Blogger Employee 3 links to sub page 2 etc.

Negative Xmas Elf Read This First!

For those of you that don’t think this will work, why not try it out first.

Let us know the results or you could just send us a Xmas present now because we think you will be shocked at the response in the work place and in the search engines.

Transcending Past, Inspiring Future, Living Present

EVEN yesterday was perhaps a blight and something to be quickly forgotten. Something to be ashamed of, to feel guilty for, to be struck down with self-condemnation, if not another’s judgment – for not living up to a standard.

Such a phenomenon is likely to be experienced every now and then by us all.

We feel dirty or just like dirt. Our spirit within takes a tumble and we wonder if we will ever succeed in the slightest degree. The enemy is having a field day at our expense.

We are held inextricably to our pasts as long as we insist on remaining there.

By memory or insistence of consciousness, we go there, to where no sun shines; only pelting rain thrashes our worn exterior. Go inside to truly view the damage. The human spirit, a delicate instrument – a shimmering image of our soul – is dashed without consolation. Whether by rejection, ridicule or repeal we are strewn without hope when the sensitivities of the soul are carelessly treated.

None of us need to have been abused or neglected to feel the abovementioned burden.

It is part of the human condition – being human qualifies us for guilt, shame, condemnation, fear, judgment, and the like. We could have had the best of upbringings and we will still find it harrowing what the human experience calls us to endure. So it’s not just the abused and neglected that suffer. We all do.


The past is important to validate. It happened. We were not affirmed or loved as we deserved to be; none of us were. Being parents, we now empathise. It’s impossible to be a perfect parent. In my parenting I’ve failed my children countless times, simply by what I’ve said and not said.

Now here’s the rub.

Transcending our pasts is no impossibility. It is no mere possibility. It is one sure probability when we are prepared to do all we can do.

When we have proved the power of God right in being able – through trust and obedience – we know we can do anything.

A vision for the future is something we can procure simply through wondering what might be.

Such a vision is nothing short of inspiring. And to go to great pains to bring that vision to bear upon reality is our quest. There is plenty to gain and nothing to lose when we jettison time for thought on our past and cast our thoughts upon the present – what can be done now.


Feeling the hurt of God for how we were hurt in our past helps us believe in an inspiring vision for the future built on living in the present.

Your past does not equal your future. Your present is your key.

Our futures are always brightest when we view life through the perspective of God.

© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

Use Webinars to Add Value to Existing Presentations

Many presenters, when the idea of running webinars is suggested to them, respond by saying:

“There’s no way we could do our training courses by webinar, because the people really have to be in the room.”

The truth is: They are probably right!

Some face-to-face interactions simply can’t be replaced by webinars (For example, it’s difficult for a webinar to re-create the experience of a dynamic keynote presentation). But that’s no reason to abandon webinars altogether.

Some webinars do replace existing presentations, but many don’t. They can promote, support, complement, supplement, and add value to your existing presentations instead. Here are three examples…

1. Pre-event support

If you offer any intensive workshops, consider whether it’s worth running a preliminary webinar to help your participants prepare for the workshop. This means they turn up to the workshop with all their preparation done, ready to make best use of the time you’ve got together face to face.

If the participants don’t know each other, this is also an excellent way of breaking the ice and building some rapport between them (and you!) before they meet at the workshop.

2. Post-event support

You can also use a webinar to provide support after an event – for example, doing a Q&A session some time after a training program, to answer questions from participants who are implementing your ideas. This adds value to the program, and provides more of a package for the participants (and your client, if this is an in-house program).

Schedule this webinar at an appropriate time after the event. Give them enough time to put the workshop ideas into practice, but don’t leave it so late that they get stuck and lose motivation. Typically, it would be 4-8 weeks after the event.

3. Mastermind group

For even more embedded learning, consider offering to facilitate a “mastermind group” from among the attendees at a face-to-face presentation. This works best, of course, when you’re dealing with a small group. You don’t have to be the expert; simply be the facilitator who provides the webinar technology.

Although I’ve described this as a way of supporting an event, you could run it equally well as a stand-alone mastermind group with your own business colleagues. Webinar technology means they no longer need to be in the same room, city or country!

How could YOU use this?

Consider your current presentations – whether they are keynotes, training programs, coaching, facilitation or something else. How could you use a webinar to add more value to what you deliver?